Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Subtle Mind

These past two weeks of my life have been a roller coaster of emotions because my daughter was rushed to the hospital and was in the ICU for almost two weeks. She is still in the hospital and we don't know when she will be able to come home. Practicing the subtle mind is something I started doing without even knowing it. It has helped keep me sane. I have enjoyed both "the subtle mind" and "loving kindness" exercises. I really don't have any negative comments about either. I love trying out knew types of meditation techniques and using the ones I like over and over. Both of these techniques really help me to stay calm. In my opinion you cannot be healthy if you do not take care of every aspect of yourself. You must nurture mind, body and spirit. You may be a top athlete with a great physique but if you do not take care of your inner health you only look healthy on the outside. Personally working on my inner health encourages me to make sure I take care of my physical body. Our mind, body and spirit works together to create wholeness, but it won't happen by itself, we must nurture and train ourselves daily.


  1. Kathleen,
    You have a motherly way of expressing yourself. I notice you use the word nurture in an expressive and descriptive manner. This is a very comforting word that I notice I use very infrequently. I am stuck in more of a warrior mindset, even when striving for peace. There is a saying that goes something like "A soldier, more than anyone else, wishes for peace, because they have seen first hand the horrors of war". I do not recall who said this, but it rings true in my mind. There is another quote that maybe puts it into better perspective. Raymond Buckland said "As there must be rain with Sun for all things to be good, so must we suffer pain with our joy to know all things". I feel this rings true and fall in line with the idea that, although we are more connected to the world when we are born we know nothing of it. As we age, we learn of the world, both good and bad. With that knowledge we can then become complete and, again, connected to the world. So, my question is, do you believe we can achieve this bliss within without going through hell to get there? Anxious to read your thoughts.

    1. Stanley,
      Your warrior mindset makes sense. Men are the warriors,while women are the nurturers. I know this sounds very sexist but it really rings true to most. I know there are exceptions to this rule.
      I think we can be connected to this world without going through "hell". Some people go through horrible times and some don't, I still think you can be connected without horror in your life. Of course when you go through trying times you think it is the worse think that has happened to you, and it probably is up until that point of your life. Then later something else happens which feels a whole lot worse then the last time. So, our troubles and trying times will be measured differently by each, and everyone's experience will be different then the other's that are involved in the same experience.
      For instance, I could focus on the horrible things that happened to my daughter in the hospital, which I consider neglect on the hospital's part, or I can focus on her miraculous recovery. For sanity's sake and peace of mind I chose to focus on the miracle.
      I really don't think I am more connected to this world because of what happened. But I can empathize with more people after going through this experience.
      Does this make any sense?