Sunday, December 15, 2013

Integral Assessment

As usual, I really enjoyed the "Loving Kindness" meditation exercise. It is always very relaxing. I always use headphones when I'm at home listening to these exercises because there are a lot of people living here and I get distracted if I don't wear them. It was no surprise to me when I completed the integral assessment and learned which areas I needed to work on. Right now my focus is on family out of necessity to help my daughter heal. I also have to keep in mind my other children need my attention to. This is pretty much consuming all of my time. I realize my life is completely out of balance and I know that "this too shall pass". Once things calm down, which I think should be in about a month, I intend on taking another assessment to see which areas I would like to focus on. In the meantime, I need to have a little time to myself to nourish my soul. Driving to work seems to be a good time for me to listen to some healing music. I also have a CD of Louise Hay which is very soothing and healing.

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  1. Hello Kathleen! I hope your daughter is improving. I think above all else, it is truly important that you are recognizing your area of concern/area of control – and sometimes in the form of the large obstacle you have been handed, the area or things we find ourselves concerned with may oftentimes be much larger than the area/things we can control. You seem to have a really healthy grasp on what the situation is, what you expect from yourself, what you recognize others needing from you, and what you intend to change/improve for the future when you are able although you may not be able to put these changes into place at this time. I really loved your post. Have a great week!