Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, summer is off to a great start. I have my first official garden planted and I can't wait til I can walk outside and pull a cucumber or a tomato right off the vine. I planted some unusual varieties of tomatoes and cukes which I hope will grow just so I can try them.
I got a call from my brother yesterday. He has offered to fly me out to California this summer for my mother's 75th birthday!!! I'm so excited. I have not been to CA for about four years now and I can't wait to see family and friends and the ocean! The timing is perfect too because it is right after this term is over and right before I start work up in late July. One of my previous professors lives in San Jose, CA and she told me to look her up next time I'm in the area. I think I will! How cool would that be to actually meet one of the Kaplan profs face to face.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two days left:

I only have two days left of work before summer vacation starts. I'm really looking forward to relaxing and having some fun with my children. Of course there is Kaplan schooling to be done. Look out summer here I come!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Google Reader

Wow, I am having so much fun learning new things through my experience at Kaplan and particularly through Comp II. The latest being the addition of "Google Reader". I did not even know this existed. It's a good thing that Google Reader is a requirement for this class because I do not think I would have taken the time to explore this avenue otherwise. I think my electronic capabilities are getting closer and closer to that of my children! Well, maybe not but at least I am not afraid to learn new things.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Okay, since I bragged about being the grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter I thought I should post a picture of Elle.

May 14, 2010

A bit of excitement:
Yesterday when I got off work I came home and went into my office and immediately started working on my schooling. As I was typing away I heard a lot of commotion in the front room. All three dogs were barking and three of my children were audibly upset. I went out to investigate the uproar and found out there was a toothless man standing at my front door (there are actually quite a few toothless people here in Tennessee). He asked if I would open the door to talk. For safety reasons I chose not to open the door to him. With dogs still barking I tried to communicate with him through the door. He said he was homeless and could he mow my lawn for money. I said no thank you; I have teenagers that do the chores. He left and we prayed that he wouldn’t come back.
All this excitement reminded me of a time fourteen years ago, when I lived in San Jose, California, we experienced a similar situation. One day, with a 9 month old child on my hip, I made my way to the front door to lock it. I generally keep my doors locked when I am inside with my children. I guess I do not like surprises. Well, as I turned the corner to lock the door, there on my porch stood a crazy looking man with a chainsaw in his hands. Visions of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” entered my mind (even though I never saw the movie). I asked him if he needed help and he asked if he could saw the logs in my side yard for me for some money. I quickly gave him five dollars and then locked the door. I would like to suggest to anyone reading this that if a crazy man comes to your door asking for money don’t give it to him, especially if he is brandishing a chainsaw!
He proceeded to flail his chainsaw while cutting wood on the cement, both of which are dangerous ways of operate a chainsaw. When he tired of cutting wood he removed a machete from his truck and started to edge my lawn. A crazy man with a chainsaw and machete is a bad combination.
I called my next door neighbor Bill and asked if he would please come and talk to the man and get rid of him. Bill came out and it took 45 minutes of deliberation for the man to finally leave. This was the first time I prayed that a scary man would never return to our house.
At least the man at our door yesterday approached our house weaponless.