Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank you all for the kinds thoughts. My daughter suffered a stroke at the age of 26. The doctors went in and removed a large blood clot and have put a catheter in to deliver medicine to a smaller clot to dissolve it. I am thinking healing thoughts for my daughter.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feeling a bit shakey

If I had answered the question of how I rate my spiritual, physical and psychological yesterday I would have a completely different answer than what I am going to give now. Right now I am sitting at the bedside of my daughter in the hospital, I haven't slept for over 18 hours. We came in the ambulance this morning at 3:00 AM. She came into my room, where I was sleeping, at 2:30 AM and said she felt like she was going to pass out. She didn't actually pass out but she became unresponsive. She would look at me with a vacant stare. It was really scary. So right now physically I am exhausted. Psychologically speaking I am struggling a bit because I wonder is there is something I could have done sooner to prevent this. Also, fourteen years ago she was in the hospital for three and 1/2 weeks for a similar episode (she has colitis) and all the memories came flooding back. Spiritually I'm doing well because Jesus is my Rock. Also, the nurses have been amazing. So, my plan to help improve in these areas is to get my daughter well and back home safely!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Journey on Relaxation

Recently I have had a lot of dental work done, I'm trying to rid my mouth of the amalgam fillings to be replaced with composites - getting rid of all the mercury! Well, needless to say, my mouth feels violated! My jaw is extremely tense and my tongue is hurting because the dentist accidentally nicked my tongue. So, when I listed to the "Journey on Relaxation" I chose to relax my jaw by directing the blood flow to that area. The experience was very relaxing. Prior to this meditation exercise my tongue was hurting and feeling inflamed. After the meditation my tongue felt great and my jaw is more relaxed. Wouldn't it be wonderful if dentists had their patients listen to meditation tracks while doing dental work? I think it would be wonderful. In fact, next time I have dental work done (which I hope won't be for a very long time) I am going to take my MP3 player with some meditation tracks on it and listen to them the entire time! Here's to relaxation and meditation! May it bring peace and harmony into our lives.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Creating Wellness

The western view of medicine seems to create drug dependency instead of "creating wellness". I love the idea of creating wellness through lifestyle choices. My passion is teaching others how to achieve their own sense of wellness by guiding them into healthy life choices. So many people resist change, so I like to ask them, "How are your current habits and choices working for you?". I am looking forward to this "Creating Wellness" class because it aligns with my passions. We need to consider the body holistically and treat each part of what makes us human. I hope to learn a lot through corresponding with my peers and professor through these blogs.