Saturday, November 9, 2013

Creating Wellness

The western view of medicine seems to create drug dependency instead of "creating wellness". I love the idea of creating wellness through lifestyle choices. My passion is teaching others how to achieve their own sense of wellness by guiding them into healthy life choices. So many people resist change, so I like to ask them, "How are your current habits and choices working for you?". I am looking forward to this "Creating Wellness" class because it aligns with my passions. We need to consider the body holistically and treat each part of what makes us human. I hope to learn a lot through corresponding with my peers and professor through these blogs.


  1. Well, after posting this blog comment, I did my reading assignment for unit 1. I have a feeling my idea of holistic healing is about to change drastically. I'm really excited to embark on this new journey!

  2. I completely agree that prescribing a pill for something just causes other problems. It seems these days that practitioners just want the easy fix. That is not the best thing for our patients. Why put a temporary fix on something just to cause more problems?

  3. That is how the medical field make their money they keep individuals coming back. That is great but it is a serious thing. I did not realize how much people will rely on someone us to guide them until I began sharing info on alternative healing.
    It is essential to treat each part of what keeps us going.