Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, summer is off to a great start. I have my first official garden planted and I can't wait til I can walk outside and pull a cucumber or a tomato right off the vine. I planted some unusual varieties of tomatoes and cukes which I hope will grow just so I can try them.
I got a call from my brother yesterday. He has offered to fly me out to California this summer for my mother's 75th birthday!!! I'm so excited. I have not been to CA for about four years now and I can't wait to see family and friends and the ocean! The timing is perfect too because it is right after this term is over and right before I start work up in late July. One of my previous professors lives in San Jose, CA and she told me to look her up next time I'm in the area. I think I will! How cool would that be to actually meet one of the Kaplan profs face to face.


  1. Kathleen - Exciting news all around! I also had cucumbers last summer, but so many that I didn't know what to do with them! I tried to make pickles, but they weren't so great. I agree with you about the face to face meeting -- I would love to meet all my students!

  2. Hey Kathleen,

    I'm thinking about going into gardening. My grandmother does it and she says it's one of the most relaxing things to her. I've killed every plant I've ever gotten so I don't know how it's going to work but my grandmother did say that it does take time to get used to it. I'll have to start off with the easiest thing to plant. Something I won't have to worry about everyday and that won't die so quickly. Have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it. :)

    So you're going to CA. How exciting! I've only been there once. I tried living there and only lasted three months. I lived in Burbank in LA. Now coming from NYC, I thought that CA would be pretty much the same. Well at least I thought it would be in LA. Boy was I wrong. I was such a slow paced area. I couldn't stand it. At that time in my life I didn't know how to slow down. I had a fast paced job in the city and if you've every been to NYC you'd know that even walking to the store is fast paced. It took about three months to finally decide it wasn't for me.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and responding to it. I look forward to reading some more. :)