Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Meeting Jesus

The timing of my meditation was perfect. I tried to meditate earlier in the day but kept on getting interrupted. Then there were some family issues going on that started to escalate, you know what happens around the holidays when people start to get a bit edgy. Even though the holidays are supposed to exude "loving-kindness" this doesn't always happen. Well, right after the family situation, which remained unresolved, I went into my room and proceeded to meditate. I really needed this to calm my inner mind. I imagined Jesus as the loving source. It was really easy to do and to bring his light into my existence was overwhelmingly peace generating. Now, I can be mindful of my family members, not take things personally and continue unconditional love for all. The saying, "one can not lead another where one has not gone himself" rings true to me. You can not teach someone well, about a topic you are unfamiliar with. If I went to see a health coach who smoked, was obese and unkempt, I would question their authority on the topic of health. It would be unwise of me to seek council from someone who really does not follow their own advise. To me this is the perfect example of a hypocrite. If I wouldn't go to someone that doesn't practice what they preach then I would expect no less from myself. Integral health is an on-going journey which you must be actively present in order to flourish. When you stop the process you stop flourishing. There are so many different modalities to achieve integral health, by learning and exploring knew modalities you can continue the process and find what works best for you.

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